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Sexual Health Clinic in Manila


PULSE Clinic Manila offers you a discreet and professional sexual health services in the Philippines for everyone.

Sexual Health Clinic in Asia

Since 2015, PULSE Clinic has been a lifestyle clinic that has served over 46,000 individuals in 130 countries. We have branches in major Asia cities - Bangkok, Phuket, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Makati City in the Philippines. 


PULSE Clinic believes that sexual healthcare should be inclusive, comprehensive, and available for all. Our goal is to look after the Sexually transmission infection (STI) aspect and your physical, reproductive health needs, and emotional well-being.


We provide holistic care for everyone who has sexual health needs.


"Your sexual health matters to us!"



Our Services


1. Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs)


2. Men's Health Issues


3. Women's Health Issues


4. Transgender Healthcare


PULSE CLINIC to take care of your health like more than other 45000 people. We provide discreet professional service with high privacy.

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