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Lifestyle Clinic and Laboratory Self-Testing for general health, sexual health, men's health & women's health.


PULSEXpress empowers you to take charge of your sexual & general well-being.


Our PULSExpress Services

Quick and Fuss-free PULSEXpress is designed to provide you with routine lab tests, emergency HIV prevention treatment, vaccination, and medication refill.

  1. STD Testing
  2. HIV Testing
  3. HIV PrEP
  4. Emergency HIV PEP
  5. General Health Screening
  6. Health Screening for Bodybuilders
  7. HPV Vaccination and other vaccination
  8. Medication Refills



3 Simple Steps to PULSExpress

Step 1: Walk-in or Make an Appointment

For an appointment, you can choose to Call us, Message us, or Book online

Step 2: Registration   

  • Our friendly staff will verify your registration. Please get your ID ready. 
  • Answer a simple self-assessment/ questionnaire to determine which test you need. 

Step 3: Discreet Do-It-Yourself Test 

  • Obtain the test kit and collect your sample in the washroom located within the clinic. 
  • Drop off the samples at the counter and make payment. 
  • You will receive your results via email within 5-7 working days. 


1. STD & HIV Testing and Screening


PULSEXpress STD Testing is Suitable for Who?

PULSExpress is for everyone of all sex and gender who wants to get laboratory testing without seeing a doctor, so no doctor fee.

Our Self Testing is recommended for those who:  

  • Just want to get tested;
  • Get tested regularly;
  • Have had high-risk sexual contact;
  • Wants to test if their STD has been cured;
  • Had a partner diagnosed recently with a sexually transmitted infection (STI);
  • Do not have or feel any symptoms;  
  • Are taking HIV PrEP;
  • May use lab results to discuss with their doctors;
  • Prescription Refill for HIV Medication Lab Testing;
  • Need PrEP & PEP test and medication;
  • Require follow-up tests after treatment to ensure that the infection has been cleared.

It would be advisable to consult a doctor if you are having any unusual symptoms such as:  

  • Fever, rash  
  • Genital sores and/or ulcers  
  • Abnormal, discoloured urethral or vaginal discharge  
  • Painful or burning sensation during urination 

The STD screening packages are designed based on sexual risk.


The screening packages are designed based on sexual risk and severity of symptoms.


2. Individual HIV & STD Tests

(STD Testing Manila / HIV Testing Manila)

How Should I Prepare for My PULSExpress STD Screening & Testing

Blood Test
You do not need to fast for your STD blood test.

Urine Testing
You should hold your urine for at least 2 hours before your STD urine test.

Swab Test
You should avoid cleaning areas such as the penis, vagina, throat, or anus where abnormal discharge is found before your STD swab test is performed.

*Vaginal swabs should be avoided during menstruation to improve the chances of getting accurate results.




Pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP is a type of medication that, when taken as prescribed, can prevent HIV infection. This medication is only suitable for those who do not have HIV but are at higher risk for HIV infection.

PrEP helps to reduce the risk of contracting HIV.

At the moment, two medications have been approved for PrEP. When taken regularly, they are both effective at reducing the risk of transmission of HIV.


Who is Suitable to Take PrEP?

Those who are good candidates for PrEP are listed as but not limited to the following:

  • Have a sexual partner who is HIV positive
  • Inconsistent use of a condom
  • Have contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the past six months
  • Drug users who share needles (syringes)
  • Have an injection partner who has tested positive for HIV
  • Have been prescribed postexposure prophylaxis multiple times
  • Risks vs benefits of taking PrEP

Why It is Also Important to See a Doctor Before Starting Prep is so that you can also receive proper counselling and advice on the proper use of PrEP.

PrEP counselling includes but is not limited to:

  1. Type of drugs to take
  2. How to take PrEP
  3. Importance of compliance
  4. Side effects to look out for
  5. Importance of regular monitoring
  6. Risk of contracting STDs



4. HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (HIV PEP)

HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (HIV PEP) regime effectively prevents HIV transmission after a high-risk exposure to HIV. It reduces the risk of HIV transmission when taken as soon as possible and within a 72-hour window. 

The HIV PEP regime is as simple as taking one pill per day for four weeks.

HIV PEP is recommended when:

There is high-risk sexual exposure, such as  

  • unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse and receptive oral intercourse with a person with unclear HIV status.  
  • You are sexually assaulted. 
  • You are exposed to contaminated blood & semen, or genital fluids, primarily through open wounds, cuts, sores, and ulcers. 
  • When you are sharing or exposed to contaminated needles or blades, particularly needle-stick injuries 
  • A condom broke or slipped, or suspected someone had taken out his condom. 

In such situations, HIV PEP is highly recommended and can help to prevent the transmission of HIV and AIDS.


5. Health Screening

Health screening is essential for the early detection of silent diseases and medical conditions.

Cancer, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes are prevalent in Singapore due to our modern lifestyle. Your family medical history may play a part too. Some underlying urological and men's health conditions could be the results of diabetes.

A basic health screening can screen for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, as well as your kidney and liver functions.

Get your health checked today! No Fasting is needed!

Check out our Health Screening Packages


6. PULSE Bodybuilder Health Screening Packages

PULSE Bodybuilder Health Screening Packages look into the Blood chemistry and Hormone function of a Bodybuilder.


Blood chemistry and Hormone function are complex, and each marker should be evaluated in a holistic view.



7. HPV Vaccination and other vaccination

Vaccination reduces your risk of getting a disease by training your immune system to create antibodies by weakening or destroying viruses or bacteria that cause it. As a result, the vaccine will reduce your risk of serious complications caused by the diseases.


HPV or Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a group of viruses that can cause infections, such as genital warts and some cancers in both men and women.  

HPV can be transmitted through genital skin-to-skin contact during sexual activity or by sharing contaminated sex toys. 

It is estimated that 8 out of 10 people will get HPV at some point in their lifetime. HPV infection has no treatment or cure. HPV vaccination is one of the best ways to help prevent HPV infection. 


8. Medication Refills

Need to refill your medicine? Here you can repeat your balance medicines or request a repeat prescription.



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